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Twenty years’ activity in the field has enabled Filab's R&S division to fully understand the requirements of the market and, ultimately, to entirely change its manufacturing method, its products and the services supplied. In line with the great changes of this century, Filab has also modified its marketing and customer care assessment criteria.
In addition to innovative products and prices (detailed in the reserved area), our Web site provides technical information on the new processing technology and problem-solving suggestions for your end-customers.

Team Management

Filab's team provides consultancy and assistance to both traditional and innovation-oriented opticians.
Consultants, System Managers, Programmers, and Technicians with an extensive experience work in close collaboration in order to achieve the best possible results, relying on the most advanced technologies and commercial materials for ophthalmic lenses and creating new customized solutions. Over the years, Filab's main consultants have always been its customers.


Filab organizes customer-oriented training courses for ophthalmologists, eye doctors and opticians. Thanks to its research and development department, every year to the company introduces new products on the market. The launch of new products is accompanied by training courses either focused on new materials, or new lens processing methods, along with the introduction and presentation of state-of-the-art treatments.

Solutions for all eye problems

Filab - FreeForm®

FreeForm® Design

Filab - fl Vicino-intermedio

FL Vicino-intermedio (near and intermediate distance) lenses

Filab - Onda k-lens

Onda k-lens

Filab - Floox®

Floox® photoselective lenses



The Italian origin of our lenses and treatments is guaranteed and certified. To this purpose, over the last few years we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and software, and devoted maximum attention to personnel training and the selection of worldwide know-how. Results are extraordinary: today, Filab products guarantee Italian quality with solid technological contents at excellent prices.



Filab products and treatments are accompanied with a warranty that can be extended up to three years. Each product is supplied with a statement specifying the length of the warranty guaranteed by our company.


Replies to your queries

  • Do you begin to see bad up close?

    In every person aged from 45 years the near vision loses its clarity. The solution to this problem is to adopt single vision lenses for presbyopia , or for an ideal viewing adopt progressive lenses especially in the workplace to allow, at the same time to read, watch the computer without taking off his glasses.

  • For business reasons I work in outdoor environments, very reflective and i am often subjected to sunlight.

    How can I take precautions to similar environments?

    An appropriate eye protection is surely what can help to prevent the damage that radiation below 400 nm wavelength (UV) can cause. The answer to your question is: thanks to innovation and new technologies on the market can be found ophthalmic lenses with high UVA protection.

    The new colors of the lenses make the glasses pleasant and fashion.

    The health of your eyes is a precious commodity, defend it with FLOOX® lenses.